Sunday, 14 September 2014

"We can have lots of good fun that is funny!"

What a wonderful week we have had with our new class!  They have all made Brambles staff so proud this week (and I am sure their parents too) by showing how quickly they have settled and with hardly any tears.  The children are all so lovely and a real pleasure to have at Brambles.

Once the children have said their goodbyes, they come into the classroom and find their registration card and put it in their keyworkers basket before going off to free play.

The furniture is from Community Playthings

They have also explored their classroom and the activities on offer this week.  The resources are changed weekly and staff plan the activities around the interests of the children in their keywork group.  As this is the first week, staff have planned activities that are usually popular with pre-schoolers.  The new wooden garage and wooden vehicles were on the small world table.

In the library area, a choice of pre-school favourite books such as The Gruffalo, Owl Babies, Pepper Pig etc were on offer and the cosy cushion area was well used to snuggle up with the books.

The Communication Friendly Space resources were changed daily and included comics and magazines for under 5's, assorted telephones, TV and movie characters, number rhymes with props and puppets.  This area was used a lot this week and lots of lovely chatting was certainly heard! :0D

The role play area became a home complete with kitchen, dining table and dolls.  It was great to see the children fully emerging themselves into pretend play and playing alongside them listening to them recreating first hand experiences.

The maths area also changes weekly and again as it was the first week, staff put an assortment of mathematical resources that included ones for counting, numerals, patterns, measuring and shapes.

Alongside the computer, the fine motor skills tray was the most popular this week.  An assortment of yellow items for exploring and using their fingers to open, pinch, manipulate and explore either on their own or with a friend.  This activity was sourced from Pinterest

The children have shown their wonderful creative skills as they have written their names and drawn self portraits for their Best Books and had their first day photos taken.

All staff at Brambles have to prepare and plan for their keywork group.  Next week Miss Emma's group wanted to know 'who are super heroes?' So with a 'k-pow' a 'splat' and a 'whoosh' next week will be an exciting cape wearing, mask making and imagination filled fun time.

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