Sunday, 7 September 2014

New School Year - Sep 14

What a busy few days it has been!  Brambles staff have been preparing for a new school year at pre-school and hosting two open afternoons for the new children.

Children and their families joined staff in visiting the pre-school classroom prior to them starting next week. This is to help support their transition form the summer break and familiarise themselves with both staff and the Brambles environment. The children and their grown ups completed their own copy of  'My First Visit' booklet (a booklet I found on Pinterest and adapted from This helpful and interactive booklet encouraged them to be are able to find where various things are around the pre-school school both inside and out.

Both open afternoons were well attended and it was wonderful to see all the new children and their families.  The afternoon gives staff the opportunity to meet the children in their group and the families in a relaxed, informal and (hopefully) fun way.  At the end of each child's first visit, they were given a bag of popcorn to say 'thanks for popping on' and an apple for the parent to say that 'parents are teachers too'.  The children also took home their booklets so they can go through it with their families at home over the weekend and use as prompts for talking about their day once they have settled.

This year Brambles has 38 children (17 girls and 21 boys) registered and continuing to have 24 children per session.  Each child is allocated a keyworker who is responsible for looking after their groups Learning and Development and best books. Sessions at Brambles are:
9am-11:30am. 9am-12:30pm (includes lunch), 11:30am-12:30pm (includes lunch), 12:30pm-3pm or all day 9am-3pm.

Looking forward to next week and being able to get to know the class of 2015!

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